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  1. Guaranteed Renewal Price
  2. Risk-free, money-back guarantee transfers
  3. More FREE, value-added services with every advanced domain
  4. Consistently lower prices
  5. Best-in-industry live customer support, 24/7
  6. Fast, easy bulk domain transfers and registrations
  7. Just-right, affordable hosting options
  8. Superior domain search and management tools
  9. Fierce protection of your personal information
  10. Unique, valuable and innovative software and services
10 Point Value Plan
"Our 10-Point Value Plan exists to spell out why is your very best choice."

1. Guaranteed renewal price.
Youll never pay more to renew your domain name than the rate you paid when you initially registered it, or what our registration rate was when you transferred. (The only exceptions would be if the price the registry charges us increased, or if you took advantage of a limited-time, special price or changed domain plans. If the registry increases our cost, yours will go up only by the amount ours did, never more.)
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2. Risk-free, money-back guarantee transfers.
No matter how hard we try, a domain transfer occasionally fails. This is usually due to your former registrar trying to keep your money, even though it is legally required to comply with your transfer request. With, you're protected. First, the Rapid Transfer System saves time and eliminates errors by extracting critical information automatically. You no longer need to find it and type it in yourself. Second, our Transfer Concierge team is trained, dedicated, and available to you 24/7 with personal, caring assistance. And finally, we believe that you paid your money and that you have every right to expect that transfer to occur, no matter who is at fault. So we've made your transfers absolutely risk free and fully refundable. If your transfer to fails for any reason, we'll let you know and refund your money. Guaranteed.
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3. More FREE, value-added services with every domain.
At, we're proud to have you as a customer and want you to get the most out of your domain ownership. So we give you all of the following FREE with every domain purchase: change of registrant; parked or For Sale page; domain locking; status alerts; domain forwarding; domain masking; total DNS control; and 100 email forwards.
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4. Consistently lower prices on everything we offer.
It starts with low-cost domains. But it extends to everything else we develop (right here, in-house) and offer. Like hosting accounts, spam-protected email accounts; domain services, utility software and more. And were constantly developing more, better, lower-cost ways to improve your domain ownership, Internet- and PC-experience.
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5. Best-in-industry live customer support, 24 / 7.
This is a point of pride for us. You deserve the best, and we wont settle for providing anything less. Were available to you either by phone, web board, or email 24 hours a day, everyday. Many of our competitors dont even provide a telephone number for you to call!
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6. Fast, easy bulk domain transfers and registrations.
Our super-low prices, intuitive tools, Rapid Transfer System and concierge support make it a snap.
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7. Just-right, affordable hosting options.
We host all of our customer sites on our own secure servers. Most of our competitors job their hosting out to the highest bidder. If you ever have an issue with your hosting, just call us and well be on it immediately. With the competition, theres no telling who you should call.
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8. Superior domain search and management tools.
Our domain search and portfolio management tools are second to none. Once youve registered your domain names, just log in at My Account and select domains to modify, either individually or in bulk. Apply your changes or add additional services its fast and easy.
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9. Fierce protection of your personal information.
We do our best to prevent your data from being mined. And unlike some of our competitors who will happily sell your information to anyone for a price, we will never under any circumstance make it available to third parties, unless legally required to do so. (Please do understand, though, that information in the Whois database is public domain. We do everything possible to prevent screen access to it, but under certain circumstances it can be obtained.)
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10. Unique, valuable and innovative software and services.
At, you can get everything you need to make the most out of your domain ownership and Internet experience. We offer private unlisted registrations; Traffic Blazer (search engine registration) c-Site (copyright application); Internet- and PC-privacy and security software; merchant accounts; and more.
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